Adoption Saves

These dogs are behind bars, but they’ve committed no crime. They simply could not depend on their former two-legged guardians to provide them with the safety and care they deserve.

The public is encouraged to visit the Stark County Dog Warden Department shelter to view the dogs that are currently available for adoption. For your convenience, Friends of Stark Pound posts photos and limited information about the dogs on the website.

Because of the abundance of irresponsible pet ownership within Stark County, most of the adoptable dogs at the Stark County Dog Pound are strays without individual histories of health, lifestyle or behavior. Before visiting the Pound, please read the Dog Warden’s Rules of the Shelter.


Dog Warden – Rules of the Shelter

To provide a safe environment for the general public and the animals, please abide by the following outlined rules when in the pound (kennel) area :

No one under 18 years of age will be allowed in the kennel area without a parent or guardian.

Parents and guardians will be responsible at all times for their child(ren) while in the kennel area.

Do not open any cage without the assistance from the kennel personnel.

Do not remove any puppy or dog from their cage without approval from the kennel staff or Pound Keeper.

Do not put your hands or any other body part inside any cage.

Do not pet any puppy or dog without the approval from the Pound Keeper or the Dog Warden.

Do not feed any puppy or dog without the approval from the Pound Keeper or the Dog Warden.

Do not tease or provoke any puppy or dog by pounding or banging on the cages, or by any other means.

Do not run or jump in the kennel area.

Do not remove any tag or label from the cages.

Do not smoke, drink, or eat in the kennel area.

Always ask the kennel staff or Pound Keeper for assistance.

Follow all posted rules for our “Puppy Room”.

All our dogs will have received a bordetella vaccine, rabies, worming, HW testing, flea treatment as well as a 5 way shot.