About Friends of Stark Pound

Background of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office – Dog Warden Division

Historically, the Stark County Sheriff’s Office – Dog Warden Division was set up to hold stray dogs for only 72 hours. Stray dogs were regularly euthanized if not claimed by their owner. However, over the past few years, the pound has changed for the better. These precious animals are now being held until they are adopted or pulled by rescue groups. The facility has a great group of staff, volunteers and followers networking these dogs. The Dog Warden Division is considered a no-kill shelter as a result of all of the hard work.

Who we are

Friends of Stark Pound is a group of volunteers raising money towards the health and well-being of the dogs at the shelter. We allot a monthly stipend to the Medical Staff of the pound to use towards medicine and supplies not covered by the state. In doing so, this allows our vet team to provide procedures normally not offered at a shelter.

This is Peter, he came in with cysts on his head and entropion, our amazing vet staff was able to remove the cysts and repair his eyelid. Peter is now in a forever home.

Before surgery, Peter had cysts on his head and painful entropion.
After his surgery, Peter looked amazing and was no longer in any pain.

In addition to supplies and medicines, Friends of Stark Pound also donates $500 towards treatment of a heartworm positive dog’s vet bills once adopted. Friends of Stark Pound will cover the spay/neuter fee for owner redeemed strays to help curb the overpopulation.

We do more than just the medical cases

Friends of Stark Pound also provides shelter items as needed, such as soft foods, pill pockets, leashes, collars and more. Recently, we installed carports over the outside runs, which gave the dogs much needed outside time even during inclement weather. We’ve also installed a small dog run, which allows the large and small dogs to remain separated. This helped to eliminate unneeded stress for the animals. Many dogs enter the pound with fleas and skin conditions. One of our latest purchases was a large, groomer’s bathtub, helping the dogs get a jumpstart on a healthier life. Our goal is to have a positive effect on the health and well-being of our shelter dogs.