Rescue Groups Welcome

Rescue Organization

A veterinarian now works at the pound to give preventative vaccines, heartworm testing, and deworming. All dogs are now spayed or neutered before leaving the pound. If you wish to use another vet for these services or if this causes any other issues for your organization, special arrangements can be made with the warden.
Also, although we do welcome rescues to work with us, we no longer offer discounts to rescues, unless it’s a special situation like a dog has been there a long time or a dog has special needs. Contact the warden, Jon Barber, at 330-451-2343 or Dr. Stacy Bridges at 330-451-2373 to adopt a special needs or long term resident dog. Funding for additional veterinary services (dental, cherry eye, entropian, heartworm treatment) may be available to assist rescues.
If you have any questions please feel free to email or call the pound at (330) 451-2343.
Thank You.